I, vanillarani, am now an expat!  Growing up in the USA, I have always had a bit of the wanderlust. I attended college in two different states and during summers worked in a few other states as well.  One of my favorites was working in Grand Teton National Park.  While my love to travel and explore has taken me many places around the states, I had always wanted to travel abroad (heck, maybe even live abroad!).  However, life got in the way of those dreams.  Ended up working for years as an accountant and also ended up going back to college to get another degree, in accounting this time.  Then went on to study for the CPA exams.

During a much needed month long study break (I swear those exams sap all the energy out of a person), I decided to take time to spend with family and friends but also signed up for a few match making sites.  Figured that might be another non accounting related way to enjoy some time.  With about 3 days left on my month break and about 1 day away from removing my profiles (I kept remembering why I hate those sites), I got a message of interest from the HTB (hubby to be).  That might be a whole post in how we met, my thoughts, etc but despite my initial thoughts, he ended up to be a keeper.  The only problem was, he lived in New Zealand at the time.  Long distance relationships are either doomed to fail or a couple grows closer despite the distance.  We spent every day talking or messaging each other.  We also had weekly “dates” where we found a recipe that both of us would make and then we’d watch a movie.  We would send pictures of the food and chat during the movie.  Not quite the same as a typical date, but hey it gave us that feeling of togetherness despite the distance.

After flying there and him flying to the states, we decided that out of the both of us, it would be best if I was the one to move.  He had the better job and despite the world economy his career is doing very well here.  So I left in September 2011 to spend 6 weeks in NZ.  Then went back to the states to finish all my CPA exams (which I did pass despite everything going on, yay me!).  Then in January 2012, I packed my suitcases, donated items, sold items, and then boarded a plane for NZ.  Now life revolves around trying to find work, planning a wedding, and discovering/acclimatizing to my new home.

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